Content Update Preview

Content Update Preview

Main Improvements:

  • After reaching level 70, you can go to the Star Force Trainer in the Event Hall to start training.
  • You can train by using Star Force Enhancement scrolls.
  • The amount of enhancement required to reach the next rank has been lowered.
  • The rank of a star will now be displayed on the equipment.
  • For more information on the Star Force system, please click here.

New Content

The following new content has been added.

  • Soul Weapon system
  • Star Force system changes
  • New areas: Ereve, Pantheon, and the Temple of Time
  • New monsters: Crimson Balrog, Chaos Beast, and Ancient Dragon
  • New quests: Soul Weapon quest line, Star Force enhancement quest line, and more
  • New items: Soul Weapon charms, Arcane Symbols, and Soul Crystals